Thursday, September 3, 2009

Judging A Book By It's Cover: Newes From The Dead

I picked this up on a whim at the library. It's not my normal type of book, but I've read some really good reviews about it. Besides, I always like to go out of my element every once in a while.

I really like this cover, maybe that's one of the reasons I picked it up without ever hearing of it. I love the swirls, the font, and the girls expression. And what's with her eyes? They're such a weird color...I like it. And the colors are awesome. But this is just my opinion. What do you think?


  1. I wouldn't have picked it by it's cover, but isn't it wonderful how everyone is different. Love your blog! Glad I found it.

  2. Juju: Kinda, I think. The premise of the book is that she was hung but survived and woke up in the morgue. It's actually a historical fiction.

    TerryLynnJohnson: Yeah, I guess so. Trust me, I'm very glad you found it too! :)

  3. I have read that, no she is not dead, she woke up on a discection table, it was really good.

  4. the cover is super creepy! I picked up A certain slant of light because the cover caught my attention. check it out here

  5. Love the cover. If I saw this, I'd definitely be curious enough to pick it up. I just read your premise for it - woah! Then I'd definitely read it.


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