Friday, April 16, 2010

Judging A Book By It's Cover: New Moon

The cover I'm judging today is:

(You weren't expecting this New Moon, were you?) I like the models and their poses, but I don't really like the color of the washes everything out too much for my liking. The font's pretty cool. I feel like this cover had a lot of potential to be great, but certain aspects of it (yes, mostly the color) made it a OK cover instead. It isn't something I'd pick up on the cover alone.

Now that we've judged the cover, here's what it's about:

Two hundred years ago, the Fire Queen destroyed her rival queens of Earth, Air, and Water in the fateful Burning and took power over Oran. No child with a trace of the elemental magic was alloved to live. Years later, the country still trembles under her oppression. But now there are rumors of hope. Four young women escaped—four who have the powers of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air—and are even now finding each other. At the same time, a ragtag army of artists and singers, orphans and vagrants, thieves and knifewielders is stealing into the city. Their sign is the bloodred, blade-thin New Moon . . .


  1. That summary reminded me too much of The Avatar The Last Airbender...

  2. The cover isn't that great, but the story is actually pretty good. :)

  3. I actually kind of hate this cover. I don't think it's just the color, either. I would definitely pass this by in the store without a second glance.


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