Thursday, July 8, 2010


So, yesterday I finished Nightshade (will review soon) and saw that someone mentioned that fans of Shiver would like it.

I was just staring at the computer, going: UM, WHAT?! NO.

I love Shiver, there's nothing wrong with being compared to it...if your book is similar to it. Nightshade and Shiver, although both werewolf books, are very different. Nightshade has a lot more action and more of a paranormal aspect, where as Shiver is written in a more poetic way and beautifully romantic. Just because books have the same paranormal creature doesn't necessarily make them similar. That would be like comparing this: to this: I enjoyed both books a lot, but they are soooooo different and fans of one shouldn't really be pointed in the direction of the other if they're looking for a similar read.

Or it'd be like calling this: and this: alike. Yes, they are both about faeries, but one is about tiny little faeries who's biggest threat are crows, where as the other is...well, a lot darker. Again, both are good books (although I did like The Iron King more) but they shouldn't be called similar!

This doesn't just apply to paranormal novels, I'm sure, but I've got much less experience with other books at this time.

Please think about the content of the book before just saying "Oh, there are vampires in this one, just like Twilight! I should totally recommend Interview With A Vampire to fans of Twilight!" Otherwise, you will get people like this:

OK...rant over.


  1. I just wrote a review today (posting tomorrow) where I talked about this exact same thing. They compared Vampire Academy books to Twilight and it just annoyed me. So funny that you put this up when I was just talking about this. We are on the same wavelength.

  2. If they were in-depth comparing the books, I'd agree. But it sounds like they're just helping some readers out. I went through a huge werewolf stage; I liked books with werewolves. So if I enjoyed Shiver, I'd most likely enjoy Nightshade.

    But I do know what you're talking about in general. I love Twilight, but I don't think it needs to be compared to every paranormal book out there.

  3. KatieDoll: True, however they could've rephrased their recommendation better than they did. Instead of saying that they were similar, they could've just said that both books included werewolves. But, yes, I do know what you mean.

  4. I agree with this so much! I've heard so many vampire books compared to Twilight just because vampires are in them.

    I'm reading Nightshade right now for a blog tour and it is a completely different type of story than Shiver.

  5. That is so true! I completely agree with your views.

  6. I'm another person who agrees with the points you're making here. It always annoys me when people jump to conclusions -- like -- all vampire books are the same. Um... no. If we compare between, say, Anne Rice, Laurell K. Hamilton and Tanya Huff, we get completely different results. I think the focus should be on what a reader likes about the story, not just the subject material. :)

  7. Yes, that's a huge peeve of mine. I hate how almost everything is now compared to Twilight and not just vampires but also love triangles or meeting a strange new boy in class. It's ridiculous and annoying.

  8. The worst one I saw is the blurb on the new paperback cover of If I Stay by Gayle Forman that says that it will appeal to fans of Twilight. What? How? Why? They are NOTHING alike.


  9. I TOTALLY agree Jessica. I saw that and was outraged.

  10. I totally agree with this! And I saw the If I Stay cover too- It still annoys me so much that they compared it to Twilight! They don't need to compare every book to Twilight just because it's popular with teens!
    Nice rant! :)

  11. I cringe whenever someone compares a YA fantasy with romance to Twilight. Very excellent rant. I agree one hundred percent.


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