Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday (63)

This week I'm waiting on...
Getting Somewhere by Beth Neff

Four girls: dealer, junkie, recluse, thief.

Sarah, Jenna, Lauren, and Cassie may look like ordinary girls, but they’re not. They’re delinquents whose lives collide when they’re sent to an experimental juvenile detention program on a farm in the middle of nowhere. As the girls face up to the crimes they committed, three of them will heal the wounds of their pasts and discover strengths they never dreamed they had. And one, driven by a deep secret of her own, will seek to destroy everything they’ve all worked so hard for.

Coming January 19, 2012 from Viking
Sounds dark, but also very good.


  1. Wow, this sounds awesome! I've never heard of it before!
    I also noticed that you gave your blog a makeover - it looks awesome! :)

  2. New to me! Totally interesting cover!


  3. You know what I love? When I come across a WoW post with a book I never came across before and the book actually sounds great, it makes my day! and this is just what happened, this is a great pick! i never heard of it before and it sounds good so thank you:D

    You're right, it does sound hardcore but the good kind(;

    here is my WoW((:

    -thank you&come again.


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