Thursday, September 20, 2012

On Balance

Guys! I haven't blogged in what feels like forever! There are reasons for this. Well, reason not reasons, but you get the idea.

Basically, I've been writing non-stop because I need to finish my current first draft before I go away on a teen writing retreat (EEEEEP) to start a new draft. There's more about that here, but that's pretty much what you need to know.

I've found that when I write, I tend to have to kind of throw myself into it. I tried to be sane about it and write just a little bit a day throughout the summer, but that resulted in me writing on and off every two weeks. Now my draft is all disjointed and weird. So, yep, I throw myself into it. I should probably try and write it in two weeks or so now that I know this...

Anyway, this had led me to ask you guys a question I've been wondering for a while now: how in the world are you supposed to juggle writing, reading, and blogging? I've seen it done but I cannot understand how. Do they only write a thousand words or so a day? Do they schedule every minute of their day? (And how exactly does one stick with a schedule? I suppose that's a different post.) Seriously? HOW? Sound off in the comments please because I don't want to have to stop blogging and reading whenever I write something. 'Cause hopefully I'll be writing a lot.


  1. Interesting question. I do think it has to to with word count goals. For me, especially during NaNo, I have a set goal of words I want to write a day and I figure out when I want to write it. It can take some sacrifices like reading less or spending less time on blogs but I manage. Usually I reserve Fridays for reading and relaxing, Saturdays for anything else and Sunday's for homework. I get some writing done each day. Maybe try reading for one hour each night? I find it's a great way to get some reading done and relaxing!

  2. For me, I set time frames. So I only let myself play online for so much time. This keeps me from doing it for too long or getting sidetracked. Best of luck sweetie.

  3. Got to say I agree. I keep saying I need to write but which do I drop? reading or blogging? I would say blogging because reading is way to important :P But it still seems like I'm unable to stop doing anything. Right now I'm doing blogging 2 hours in the afternoon 3 days (here and there) in the week and reading whenever. Then I'm doing a 100 by 100 challenge where we are to try and reach a daily goal of 100 (give me 2 minutes :P) which usually goes over a bit... And then among all that I work in my school. I don't know how some people are balanced and all, I'm still pretty wobbly. Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!


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