Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Review

I highly doubt that I need to post a synopsis, do I? So instead I'll just state my thoughts.

The first time I saw Twilight I thought it was good. They could've done better, but good. The second time, it was worse. The third time it was bad. They changed so much that I had to separate the book from the movie; pretend that they were completely unrelated. But when I did that, all that was left was a lame movie where the romance was too forced, the acting wasn't up to par, and the special effects made the vampires look like sweaty animals or something; but definitely not the amazing vampiric ability that is needed from vampires.

So, please imagine how thrilled I am about honestly being able to say: New Moon was SO much better than Twilight.

The acting was way better. We see less of Edward (Rob Pattinson) and more of Jacob (Taylor Lautner) which is good, because Taylor is noticeably a better actor than Rob. And, guess what? Kristen Stewart (Bella) can act! Instead of stuttering and blinking rapidly when upset, and she seemed less nervous on screen, and (this wasn't really her fault in Twilight, though) she looked better. Dakota Fanning did great in her role as Jane, even though (again, not really her fault) her contacts seemed too big. I loved Bella's dad, Charlie, and the very rare times that the Cullen family were in the movie they were all great.

New Moon actually stuck to the book, too. They didn't cut out very important scenes like Twilight did, luckily. And they didn't add much, either. (Except one scene involving a motorcycle and a guy. My friend and I were literally freaking out and most likely making everyone around give us odd glances.) They stayed very true to the book, though.

Special effects wise: Edward still looks sweaty. Maybe a little more sparkly, but still not what's described throughout the series. I was too relieved that they didn't make the weird sparkly sound to care too much though. The wolves were so cool! I loved the human-like expressions they would have, and the close-ups they did of the wolves eye.

It's weird, because in the books I love both guys, but I know that Bella should be with Edward. But, in the movies, she looks like she should be with Jacob. They showed their relationship progress so much better than Bella and Edward's did in Twilight, and they have better screen chemistry.

My friend and I would giggle through the movie while we cracked stupid jokes and watched men take their shirts off for no apparent reasons. ("Bella, you're bleeding! Let me take my shirt off to stop the blood.") Oh, and, here's something that made us roll on the floor laughing in the theater that you need to look out for: Edward's nipples. One seems giant, hairy, and possibly slightly deformed, while the other is very small and dainty. It was just weird and hysterical. Oh, and Jasper's hair. It was like some kind of Weird Al perm.

All in all, my faith in the movie franchise has been restored! Huzzah! Hopefully Eclipse, with its new director and new Victoria (both against my wishes) will live up to its successor. If the second time I watch this, its significantly worse than my first time, I'll re-review it, but I highly doubt that will happen.


  1. I pretty much agreed with you on everything here - especially Edward's chest. Ick.

  2. Lol, yeah, after seeing all of the werewolves chests, I saw Edward's and went, "Ew."

  3. I was too interested with Jacob to even look at Edwards nipples... It was like Jacob took off his shirt and the whole theater went craaazy, Edward did... Total SILENCE.

    I did like this one, I did not like Twilight ^^

  4. I too was a little nervous about this movie, but it did seem well done and too stick to the story. Even in the book a little part of me was rooting for Jacob. It almost seems like his love is a little less conditional if that makes any sense. I just went to see it this morning and I was pleasantly surprised!

  5. I just got home from seeing this and I'll admit, I loved it. Guilty pleasure for sure. Jacob is waaaay too young...


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