Monday, December 21, 2009

200 Follower Shin-Dig!

So, as promised, here is my 200 follower shin-dig. I hope it meets your standards of awesome.

There will be 5 winners. (The fifth winner was added when I reached my goal of 350 followers.) The "Grand Prize Winner" will get to pick two books out of the stack. The "Second Place Winner" gets the next turn, and will be able to pick one book of of the remaining choices. The "Third Place Winner" will get to pick one book of of the remaining choices as well. The "Fourth Place Winner" will get the next choice. I'm currently deciding what to add if I reach my next goal. It won't take long to decide. The contest is international.

The choices? Well, they are:

The Mark by Jen Nadol
The Dark Divine by Bree Despain (ARC)
Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter by R.J. Anderson (Hardcover)
Girl In The Arena by Lisa Haines (Hardcover)
Candle Man Book 1: The Society of Unrelenting Vigilance by Glenn Dakin (ARC)
Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey (ARC) (Added when I reached 250 followers.)
Dark Visions: The Strange Power, The Possessed, The Passion by L.J. Smith (Paperback) (Added when I reached 300 followers.)

The contest will end February 14th.

Just fill out this form to enter:

Good luck to all of you!


  1. Great contest, there are a few books on that list I have been wanting to read!

  2. Congrats on your 200 followers!

  3. Congrats on 200 followers!! Fantastic books in the contest - thanks!

  4. Awesome contest, and awesome books *3*
    Congrats on 200 followers :)

  5. 1. SWEET!
    2. Congrats :)
    3. I'm signing up right now. I would love to win Faery Rebels & Girl In The Arena

  6. Congrats on 200!
    Thanks for the contest :)

  7. Congrats on all the followers and thanks for the contest. Great books!

  8. Congrats and thanks! Merrry Christmas!

  9. Whoa! Ends right before my birthday! :D

  10. Congrats on making 250. I'm sure you'll get to 300 before you know it.

  11. I'm trying to enter right now, but there's nothing to push to submit. Looks like it went off the side of the page or something. I did write a blog about you and posted your button on my blog.
    candace_redinger at yahoo dot com
    Love your blog, btw! Glad your mom gave me the link!

  12. Congrats on reaching 200, you are now on 252 so i think you will be hitting 300 soon enough.

    Thanks for running this giveaway

    Good Luck Everyone xx

  13. Congrats on 200! And awesome contest! :)

  14. wohoooo ! congrats for more than 260 followers :)

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  16. fun contest, feel free to enter mine as well. congrats on the followers!!


  17. I don't know how I missed this! Congrats on 250, and again on 350ish, which is where you are now! (In fact, we have almost the exact same number of followers) I have had my eye on Girl in the Arena, so fingers crossed... ^_^


  18. There's a few here I really want to read. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Great giveaway! I may have entered twice. If I did, I'm sorry. Please count my most recent entry. Thanks :)

  20. Mmm...First time that a leave a comment...
    Anyway, great contest, again! Now, I going to look your pretty blog. :)


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