Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Interview with Kimberly Derting, Author of The Body Finder

Today I am thrilled to welcome Kimberly Derting, author of the great debut novel The Body Finder that is in stores today! Be sure to check out my review of The Body Finder, too.

Where did you get the idea for The Body Finder?

Ha! You know, this is by far my husband’s favorite question. If you ask him, he’ll tell you that he’s practically my co-author because he came up with the idea about someone who could find dead bodies. Of course, what he conveniently forgets is that his idea was for about a middle grade boy. Right after he told me his idea, I bumped it up to YA, made the main character a teenage girl (just to be difficult), and worked out the details of Violet’s creepy ability. :)

The Body Finder is your debut novel, congrats! Was it your first finished book?

My first book (and I use that term loosely) was called ONE OF THEM. It was a horror novel that I wrote when I was 19 and even though I got an agent to represent me way back then, I can now honestly say that I’m glad it never got published. That’s one trunk novel that will stay locked away forever! :)

What made you decide to write for young adults instead of adults?

I love writing YA because it’s a great excuse to connect with my teenage self. Sometimes I think we all forget what it was like to be a teen and this genre is a great reminder. Plus, I’m surrounded by teens all the time, so I’m constantly spying doing research at home.

Will there be a sequel to The Body Finder?

Yes, it’s called Desires of the Dead and it’s due out in 2011!

What are some of your favorite books and authors?

My all-time favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In the YA genre, there are so many talented authors that I’m afraid if I tried to name my favorites, I’d forget someone!

Can you give us any hints on what you're working on now?

I would love to tell you but I’m so crazy-superstitious that I hardly tell anyone, sometimes not even my agent. (Please don’t tell her I just said that ;)

Thanks again Kimberly!


  1. And I keep saying she's such a great person! Love her interviews! Thanks. I just linked this on my blog. :-)

  2. I added this to my TBR the other day, it's always nice to hear about the authors too, makes the book even better!

  3. Great interview-very apt and informative. And Desires of the Dead? Very intriguing and way cool a title this one is! :)

  4. I am reading this book right now, so seeing her answers is just making me more excited to finish! And we already know there is going to be a sequel that is so great!


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