Friday, March 5, 2010

Judging A Book By It's Cover: Night Runner

Here's the cover I'm judging today:

I'm on the fence about it. I love a lot of things about it, like the fonts and the smoke and kids at the bottom. I don't like the face at the top. In fact, it kind of creeps me out. The eyes are cool, but the face seems to have a weird expression. Overall, it's OK, but not something that would draw me in.

Now that we've judged the cover, here's what the book is about:

For Zack Thomson, living in the Nicholls Ward isn't so bad. After his parents died, he developed strange and severe allergies, and the mental institution was the only place where he could be properly looked after. As strange as it was, it was home. He could watch as much television as he wanted; his best friend Charlie visited him often enough; and Nurse Ophelia--the prettiest no-nonsense nurse ever--sometimes took him bowling. Of course, that didn't mean he had it easy. His allergies restricted his diet to strawberry smoothies, and being the only kid at the hospital could get lonely. But it never once crossed Zack's mind to leave...until the night someone crashed through the front doors and told him to run. Now he's on a race for answers--about his past, his parents, and his strange sickness--even as every step takes him closer to the darkest of truths.


  1. I love it. Even though the bottom reminds me a bit of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds ;)

    Happy weekend doll :)

  2. I think this cover is great because it attracts both guys and girls. I need to move this up in my TBR!

  3. I havent read the book yet. The eyes are kind of creepy, they just stare out at you and I would say that from the cover alone it's a YA book more for guys.

  4. great cover.. i want an allergy were i can only eat strawberry shakes!

  5. I love this cover. Those eye both scare and interest me!

    Side note - one of my students just finished this book. She said it was confusing and frustrating but she LOVED every minute of it!


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