Sunday, September 19, 2010

We Will Not Be Silenced. We Will Speak Loudly As Long As We Breathe.

You have obviously heard about today's cruel injustice done to lovers of YA and books in general by a small paper in Missouri and a certain delusional man going by the name of Wesley Scroggins. I have never read Speak (but trust me, I will be very soon), nor the other books he mentioned, Twenty Boy Summer or Slaughterhouse Five. But that doesn't mean that this man, or anyone, for that matter, has the right to say I don't.

I showed a friend who had read the book, and she insisted that he had obviously not read the book (I, personally, have to question if he even read the summary) and should be ashamed of himself. I wholeheartedly agree with my awesome friend, even though I've never read the novel. Rape is, never has been, and never will be anything resembling "soft pornography", which is what Scroggins' so disgustingly said. Here is my letter to the editor:
I cannot begin to tell you how disgraceful I find Wesley Scroggins' article, demanding a book ban on Twenty Boy Summer and Speak and calling Speak "soft pornography." Let me just say that he clearly hasn't read Speak and probably not even the summary.
If he finds rape (including a teenage girl) pornographic then he is obviously sick and has no place telling children what to and not to read and I honestly hope he receives the help he so desperately needs.
In fact, as an avid reader, NO ONE should be telling me or any other minors what to read unless they are our guardians. It's one of the things that I love about this country, and as a newspaper editor, I'm sure you agree.
I hope you and Mr. Scroggins realize just how many readers, writers, and rape victims you've infuriated to heights we didn't know possible. Here is my blog post, including this letter and links to other bloggers' thoughts. Combined, we have thousands of readers. Thousands of readers who will not stand for this, and will continue to speak out against book banning.
There isn't much more I feel like I can say, but here's just a few wonderful bloggers and who found different views and words to use:

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And there are countless others that I can't wait to read. (If you have a post, please comment giving me the link and I will gladly read and link to yours as well.)

#Speakloudly my friends. And don't stop.


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  2. Fantastic post! I agree with you that Wesley Scroggins is sick. Here's my post on the matter.

  3. Thank you so much for blogging this (and for sending a letter to the editor!). It's about time the blogging community worked together to stand up to ridiculous book ban requests like this. I blogged here:

    I can't believe the hole this guy has dug himself into. Even many of the Christians he supposedly requested this for are disgusted. Speak Loudly!

  4. I fully agree that this is ridiculous. Like you I haven't read either of the books but I know enough about them and their authors to know that there is no way what Scroggins is claiming can possibly be true. I just find it ridiculous that he thinks he can write that article and think that no one will say anything about it.

    Here are my thoughts on it all:

  5. thank you for making a difference and sending that letter! book banning and censorship is just riduclous, i can't believe scroggins had the nerve to compare rape to pornography. this is a great post!
    here's my post:

  6. I am so irritated and frustrated with Scroggins. I also blogged & shared your link with your opinions too! I hope you don't mind... I love what you have to say

  7. Hello all, i posted a video on my YT book channel about it. Check it out if you'd like.

  8. Love this post!

    Found you as someone's suggestion on the Blog Hop and am now a new follower!

  9. Hello I saw a link to your site on Read All Over. I also have a post about this on my blog which gives you the chance to get hold of a copy of this book thanks to one of my blogger buddies.

  10. Thanks for writing this review. It made me furious that this Scroggins idiot is more upset about teenagers reading about uncomfortable issues than about them experiencing them first-hand. Speak has been a comfort to kids who have been in Melinda's situation - and those who haven't - and encouraged them that they don't have to suffer alone, that they are not guilty and that it's not their fault. It would be a disgrace to take away such a valuable resource from the people who need it most. It's not just a story. For so many, it's a lifeline.

    I've written a blog review at


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