Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday (38)

This week I'm waiting on...

Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey
Braden Michaels wears his sunglasses at night. And at the movies. And in the shower. Raised by his warlock uncle and taught to use magic, he suffers from a deadly curse: the witch eyes. He sees everything that normal eyes filter out: history and memory; love and pain; magic and darkness. The mind was not meant to process so much information, though, and the power is killing him slowly. The only thing saving his sanity are the sunglasses he always wears.

Then the visions reveal a dark threat on the horizon. Braden runs away to Belle Dam, the city where the threat originated, and is immediately swept up into the town’s mysterious feud. Two rival magical families have divided the town into a personal chessboard of scheming and machinations, and Braden is their latest pawn. As he tries to avoid their manipulations, and see the truth behind his return to Belle Dam, he has a choice to make. One side, or the other. Ignite the feud, or end it. Sacrifice himself, or someone else. Live, or die.

Coming September 2011 from Flux
Definitely sounds different than the standard paranormal, so I'm excited to read it.


  1. Yes! This was my pick last week, and I can't freaking wait for it! Great choice, Jessica ;)

  2. Love, love, love this cover. And also find incredible the description. :)

  3. I love this cover! And the book sounds great! Can't wait for it. It should be awesome. :D

  4. sounds like an awesome read though I think the cover is a bit creepy but that's probably just me.

  5. Sounds interesting, I really can't wait for it to be released.

  6. "I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can..." LOL I literally couldn't help myself. I think I'll be singing that now for the rest of the day. ;)

    Hadn't heard of this one but am really loving the concept. Love that it's a male protagonist also.

  7. Oh, this sounds AMAZING. And I have to wait until September? *dies* Awesome pick!


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