Monday, February 14, 2011

5 of My Favorite Couples

I am not very romantic. At all. I've never had a boyfriend. Really, the only thing I find awesome about Valentine's Day is that it means there are only two weeks until my birthday. I roll my eyes at anything mushy and romantic comedies, and I always tend to make jokes about the actor's poor kissing skills. But. Even I occasionally read books where a romance (even if it's not mainly a romance book) can make me melt. A few of them are:

Sam and Grace--The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy
Sam is my favorite emo-indie werewolf EVER. He's awesome...and Grace is pretty cool too, I guess. XD Seriously though, they're a fantastic couple. They care so much for each other, and on a one to ten on the adorable scale, they rate a 15.

Katniss and Peeta--The Hunger Games trilogy
Since the beginning, I've been hardcore Team Peeta. His caring and tender nature just work with Katniss' cold and tough-as-nails attitude.

Damien and Kat--The Rise of Renegade X
What I loved about Damien and Kat's romance was how simple and realistic it was. They're not all mushy and doe-eyed. They're not all embarrassed around each other. They're in love, but their also best buds, and they know each other so well.

Janie and Cabel--The Dreamcatcher Trilogy
Each have their own troubled past, and they're always loyal to each other above anything else.

Mia and Adam--If I Stay
OH ADAM.OH MIA. Just...OH. That's all.

Who are some of your favorite couples from books?


  1. Glad Damien and Kat made it on the list! Also my birthday's in two weeks (+2 days) too! :P

  2. I don't judge, but are you really a Peeta fan? lol, I'm just kidding!

  3. I feel ya! I'm happily married but, Valentine's is over played. Real love is expressed all year long - not on a certain day.

    GREAT couple pick. One day I will finally read it :)

    Happy Valentine's Day and 2 weeks to your birthday!

  4. Cat: Um, YES. Team Peeta FTW! :D

  5. Valentine's day really is overrated, isn't it?

    Some of my favorite couples are:
    + Jess & Rob (1-800 Where R U?)
    + Lori & Adam (The Boys Next Door)
    + Rose & Dimitri (Vampire Academy
    + Alex & Britanny (Perfect Chemistry)

  6. Well. Team Peeta did win if you want to be specific. :P If I'd done this post it would've been GALE though. haha.

  7. "just oh"? you sound like your mom xDDDD


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