Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Good Book Hangover

So, you read a really good book, And I mean REALLY good. And then you read another. And another. And you're on top of the world. You're all, "WOOOOOOOOOOO! BOOKSBOOKSBOOKS!"

And then you read another book, and while it's by no means a bad book, it is definitely doesn't match the other three's Level of Awesome. Now you're finding yourself kind of blah about it, though it's not the book's fault, really. It's you. You're just kinda of blah towards reading in general, at the moment.

I call it The Good Book Hangover.

I currently have it.

Don't like it. At all.



  1. Haha! I get these all the time! Darn good book hangover.

  2. LOL! In honesty, I haven't been reading much lately. So I haven't been reading a consistent number of awesome books. It usually goes up and down in terms of awesomeness.

    Now I just and mehh, and read whenever I feel so.

  3. I love this picture! I definitely know what you mean. The first couple books I read after Delirium were definitely victims of The Good Book Hangover.

  4. hehe, I call it readers whiplash. That abrupt stop of book buzz leaves me feeling less than whole.

  5. Yuck, I hate having those. To pull myself out of it I usually read a good book that I know I love. It usually redeems my love for books again.

  6. Great post! I totally know what you mean - and while it feels so good, the aftermath sometimes isn't so much - especially when you have a hefty TBR pile that awaits!

    Right now I'm hitting my reading stride and diving into books in hopes of finding the Next Great Read :)

  7. i'm a new GFC follower! love the blog and i'm excited to read more! i just got this after reading Delirium. also after the HP series ended. sigh. books. love them.

    follow me?!


  8. Haha. I have this all the time! Hangover cures are a myth, I found. Even with books. ;)

  9. OH! I get that aaall the time! But I always find a good book soon afterwards:)I'm supremely sad though and keep a book to read list pinned on my cork board. At the moment it's 2 A4 sheets long:) And most of the books come from all these amazing YA book review sited :D By the way, I LOVE this site with a passion :L

  10. Boy have I gotten "Good Book Hangover" before.
    And I'm with you on not liking it.


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