Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interview: Beth Revis, author of Across The Universe

Today, I'm interviewing Beth Revis--the lovely author of Across The Universe. We're gonna talk about writing, characters, and Captain Mal's butt. So, you know, all the good stuff.

Where did the idea behind Across The Universe come from?

It all came from the twist at the end--I wrote the entire book, came up with the setting and characters--just to write the end scene.

What books and TV shows would you recommend to sci-fi newbies?

My absolutely top number one recommendation of all time is Joss Whedon's TV series FIREFLY and the accompanying movie, SERENITY. It is so. Brilliant.

I've also just started watching BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA in part because I was impressed with seeing the women actors at NY ComicCon. One thing that really stuck out to me was that they said the writers of the show never prescribed a gender to a character--they found the right actor, despite the gender.

Firefly IS amazing. Joss Whedon is THE MAN. Aside from reading and writing, what other activities do you do?

I LOVE to travel! I'm always trying to come up with my next trip. While I was a teacher, I chaperoned students in European trips--I probably miss that aspect of teaching the most!

Oh, I'd love to go to Europe! What are some of your favorite characters (from anything)?

-Aerin from Robin McKinley's THE HERO AND THE CROWN for being so beautiful and kick-butt.
-Cimorene from Patricia Wrede's Enchanted Forest Chronicles for being so hilarious and smart.
-Captain Mal from FIREFLY for having a cute butt.

I thought my friend's mom was the only one who noticed Nathan Fillion's butt. Guess not. What was your favorite part of writing Across The Universe? Least favorite?

My favorite part was getting to the end--I had it plotted out for so long, and it was just brilliant getting to it. My least favorite? Honestly....I loved it all. I don't *enjoy* revising and editing, but I love the way it makes everything better. It's like, I don't enjoy cleaning the house, but I love having a clean house.

Thanks for the awesome interview Beth! If you haven't already, add Across The Universe to your TBR pile.

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