Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Book Place That I Love

Because I am a dork, the last time I went to my favorite library (that, of course, happens to not be in my town. Of course) I took some pictures of it. And after some doubt on my part, followed by people on Twitter convincing me that it's not overly nerdy, I thought I'd share them with you. So, I give you my library:

I love how open it all is. ^.^ And the cool display shelf-thingys. And the lamps. Which is a first for me, cause who loves lamps?

And these are the CDs!! I've gotten so many good CDs here.

And this....

Is the wonderful teen section. This library's really new, and so are all of their teen releases are too.


Random, but I had to share. The Hunger Games. In Spanish. They were so cool and shiiiiiny and yes I realize I'm weird.

I love it there. I could seriously just stay there and read all day long.


  1. Wow! So jealous that you've actually stepped foot in that library. It's beautiful!!! I would have to keep myself from wanting to break in. That's how cool that library is. Never in my life have I seen a library that cool.

    As for the Spanish versions of The Hunger Games, I'd probably read them, just cause they're pretty. And, yes I can read Spanish (my first language actually).

  2. Holy crap! If my library looked more like that, I'd actually go! Mine is a dingy little room with like 5 teen books in all lol

  3. Wow, looks awesome! Looove the teen section! I want that chair for my room, haha.


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