Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Magical Girls' Guide To Womanhood Mini-Review

Author: Erin Schmidt
Release Date: March 8, 2010
Pages: 112 (E-book)
Publisher: Fido Publishing
Most Appropriate For Ages: 9+
Where I Got It: For review

What’s a young, magical girl to do when she gets her first period? When should a werewolf start shaving her legs? Whether or not she has magical powers, what’s a girl to do when she--gasp!--has to talk to a boy she likes?

Never fear: The Magical Girl’s Guide to Womanhood answers these and many more questions for preteens and teens. Even grown-up magical women may find helpful reminders in its pages. Your guide on this enchanted quest into the labyrinth of yourself is gifted young witch Violetta Marmalade-Spirit. Violetta starts with the basics of what makes a girl a girl, then progresses to questions of body image, how to stay healthy, and sexuality.

Becoming a young woman is always a magical journey. Join Violetta in uncovering some of the tips, tricks, myths and secrets to making the best journey possible!
Being a 15 year old who has a mother that has always made woman's bodies and what to do with them a very open subject, I knew pretty much everything that was covered in The Magical Girls' Guide To Womanhood. But, I think this would be an excellent and super-informative guide for young girls who are normally too embarrassed to talk or read about their bodies. Not only does it cover everything that goes on with womanhood, but Erin Scmidt also includes what goes on with mythical being's bodies as well, making the book more fun to read.

Moms, I'd recommend giving this one to your girls!

Non-Fictions don't get a rating.

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  1. what an interesting way to do the "what's going on with my body" books. I'm sure if I were to do puberty all over again (ugh! God, no!) then I would have liked this book because it's not overly embarrassing.

    ♥ Trish


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