Monday, October 10, 2011

Guest Post by Jen Nadol and Contest

As part of a tour through Teen Book Scene, I have a guest post by Jen Nadol (author of The Mark and The Vision) about ten reality shows and why she'd do them...well, maybe.

10. The Amazing Race. You don’t have to do anything really scary or disgusting and they fly you all over the place to see cool stuff. Yes. I would do this.

9. Survivor. I’d last about three days – it looks tough. But people come off it buff and with a hugely renewed appreciation for things like pillows and toilet paper.

8. Chopped. Another show I’d get axed from immediately. I like to cook, but I’m not really good enough to figure out how to make something delicious from a basket of squid ink, linguini and chocolate bars.

7. The Price Is Right. Never mind that I wouldn’t want most of the stuff they give away or that I’d be so nervous trying to guess the third number in the price of the NEW CAR!!!! that I’d totally blow it. I watched this show with my Mom-Mom when I was like four. Of course, I’d do it. It’s iconic. And maybe I’d get to play Plinko.

6. The Bachelorette. KIDDING!!!! Never in a million years. This whole bachelor/ette thing was over for me when Jen Schefft and Andrew Firestone didn’t make it.

5. 30 Days. I’ve never seen this one, but the premise is cool: people spend 30 days immersing themselves in an unfamiliar lifestyle like working for minimum wage (actually, I’m quite familiar with this – see Top 10 Jobs post) or being in prison or living in a different culture. I’m pretty happy with my existence as is, but this sounds mind-broadening and that’s usually good.

4. Big Brother. Questionable. You don’t have to eat anything gross or perform on stage, but you do have to spend a looooong time with some pretty cheesy characters. And I don’t think they let you bring books. At least I’ve never seen anyone on the show reading one. I’d go, but only if they brought Dr. Will back.

3. Deal or No Deal. It’s hard not to come out of this winning something unless you’re just totally greedy.

2. Supernanny. No, I wouldn’t actually let that Mary Poppins lady into my house to tell me everything I’m doing wrong. But some days I think maybe I should.

1. Anything on HGTV. You want to make over my living room? Help me find a vacation house in St. Thomas? Re-do my backyard? Show me $18 million apartments in NYC? I’m in.

Thanks Jen! I love Chopped an unhealthy amount, and it'd be so awesome to see you on it, even if you did leave in the appetizer round.

And now, I've got a little contest for you guys. I've got five signed bookmarks from Jen Nadol to give away. All you have to do is leave a nice comment for Ms. Nadol with your email address. US only. Ends in two weeks, exactly. Good luck!


  1. I would love to try amazing race or maybe cupcake wars cause I love cupcakes!

  2. A game show girl like me! *high five* (not an entry)

  3. I'd love to do cupcake wars!! I'd totally have a blast. Love cupcakes :)

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  4. Thanks for hosting me, Jessica, and *high five" back atcha, Juju - game shows rock.

    Must now watch cupcake wars...

  5. The Mark? The Vision? HECK yeah!

  6. Haha this is a great question and I loved reading the answers. I loved The Mark and can't wait to read The Vision!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    danceislove27 At gmail DoT com


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