Sunday, October 23, 2011

Several Announcements and Random Statements

1: I guest posted at Word For Teens yesterday! 

2: I have started a music blog with an awesome friend of mine. It's very new and there's not a lot up yet, but if you were to check it out, we'd both appreciate it.

3: I made an official Facebook page for Shut Up! I'm Reading. I'd love it if you liked it.

4: It is really cold and my mom is refusing to turn the heat on.

5: I'm currently reading The Iron Knight. After that I'll be reading Prized, and then The Scorpio Races. I am going to have the biggest. good book hangover. ever.


  1. So why is your mom refusing to turn on the heater?

  2. I wanted to ask the exact question :)

  3. She says it is too early in the year to turn the heat on, and I'd be find if I just put on an extra layer of clothes.

    She's really not as evil as my (vague) sentence made her sound. It was just something that was on my mind cause I was cold.


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