Monday, February 13, 2012

And Then Things Fall Apart Review

Author: Arlaina Tibensky
Release date: July 26, 2011
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Most Appropriate for Ages: 14+
Where I got it: Bought (And for review from publisher--2 copies) 
Keek’s life was totally perfect.  
Keek and her boyfriend just had their Worst Fight Ever, her best friend heinously betrayed her, her parents are divorcing, and her mom’s across the country caring for her newborn cousin, who may or may not make it home from the hospital. To top it all off, Keek’s got the plague. (Well, the chicken pox.) Now she’s holed up at her grandmother’s technologically-barren house until further notice. Not quite the summer vacation Keek had in mind.  
With only an old typewriter and Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar for solace and guidance, Keek’s alone with her swirling thoughts. But one thing’s clear through her feverish haze—she’s got to figure out why things went wrong so she can put them right.
This book is angst angst angst and it was awesome.

 Now, I don't always like angst. Sometimes it gets on my nerves, especially when it's over-done and cliched. And Then Things Fall Apart's angst was definitely over-done, but it never bothered me in the slightest. Probably because Keek's personality, love of literature, and sense of humor kept things from getting ridiculous. She is the star of this novel, and she definitely shines.

This is Tibensky's debut, but her storytelling and writing abilities don't reflect that at all. I was immediately drawn into this book's smart and gorgeous writing, the fantastic main character, and reading about how Keek's life fell apart.

 nd Then Things Fall Apart had me feeling sorry for Keek and laughing hysterically, sometimes ay the same time. If you've been searching far and wide for a smart, wonderfully written contemporary YA novel, look no further.

Also, it'll make you really wanna read The Bell Jar.

Plot: Different and brilliantly executed.
Characters: Excellent!
Writing: So full of fantastic angst.
Ending: Appropriate.
Kid friendly? Keek is horny to the max. She thinks and types and talks about sex, so there's a lot of talk of sex in this one. There's also swearing.
I would whine to someone if they tried to talk to me while I was reading.
Keek's voice and the way Tibensky kept the plot unraveling kept me furiously flipping the pages into the late hours of the night, excited to see what happened next. Though I don't know if it will stay with me forever, it sure was fun while it lasted. Highly recommended!


  1. This is a great review, this book looks brilliant!

    Jessica from Booked Up!


    1. Thanks! I hope you'll pick it up--it's an awesome book.


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