Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Changes Are Ahead

I've kinda gotten to that place in my blogging career--career? Life? Term? Hmmm...--in which rating books gets tedious. But I still wanted a fast way to express my overall thoughts on a book. SO I've invented something new.

I'm sure a good majority of you are familiar with Forever Young Adult. (And if you're not, get familiar with them, because that site is one of my absolute favorites.) You know how they do the Relationship Status thingy at the end of each of their reviews? Well, my new ratings are kind of a play on that, in that I will no longer have set ratings, but make up one for each book. But they're not Relationship Statuses. They're how often I yell/whine/glare at a person if they interrupt me while reading, and if I'll yell "Shut up, I'm reading!" at them.

For instance, one may be "I yelled "Shut up!" at anyone who dared come near me while reading this book," and one may be, "I was begging people to talk to me to keep me from reading this book."

Fits, right? I thought so.

(Also, notice that poll on the sidebar? Yeah, vote on it please? Thanks.)


  1. Oh, clever idea and a lot more fun. Go for it!

  2. Hey, that's a cute idea! I'd love for that to happen! As for the poll, I totally want to know more about you (as stalker like as that sounds) It's great to add personality to a book blog, otherwise it'd just be any other blog. :) Looking forward to the cool changes!


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