Monday, August 2, 2010

The Completely Necessary "Thank You" Post

Now, just to warn you, it is late and I am very tired, so please excuse me if my babbling gets too incoherent. Moving on.

I'm actually on vacation right now. So, I was sitting on the bed, drinking Mr. Pibb Xtra (because I am hopelessly addicted to any drink with Mr.or Dr. in front of a different word), watching the waves, listening to music, and thinking, "Man, does it get any better than this?"

That's when I saw the tweet congratulating me for making the long list for Best New Book Blog for BBAW. Sure, enough, there my name was, on a list surrounded by other great bloggers. So, yes, apparently it DOES get better.

I know I registered and all, but honestly, I am shocked that anyone at all voted for me in any category. I'm still shocked that anyone actually reads this thing, although I'm VERY glad that you do. I'm definitely not getting my hopes up for making the short list, but I don't care. This has made me happier than it probably should. So, to whichever of you guys voted for me, thank you times...pick a number. A big one. That one.

If you'd like to see me on the list, go right over here. And check out some other ones while you're there, cause there are some great ones.

Stay cool,

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