Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Maybe If We Ignore It, It Will Go Away...

So Peeta's been cast for The Hunger Games movie, and it's Josh Hutcherson.

I'm trying to stay positive about this, but this guy is NOT anywhere near how I pictured Peeta. Not in the face, or in the body. He's just NOT. I'm very disappointed.

Oh, and the part of Gale was taken by Liam Hensworth.

I thought I wouldn't really care who they cast as Gale, but I don't even like him for Gale. He's OK, but definitely not who'd I would've picked.

Anyways, I'm not telling you guys this cause I think you haven't heard. I know you probably have. I'm telling you because I just wanted to shout about Hutcherson some more without my mom yelling back at me, "YOU'RE ALREADY HATIN' ON THE MOVIE AND YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN IT."

Now I'm starting to get worried about the movie. I'm definitely not dying to see it anymore. I think who they cast as Haymitch will be a huge deciding factor for me. (Yeah, I realize I'm being a bit over-dramatic but it's PEETA. PEETA. One of my best boyfriends favorite characters.)

But I can't be the only one, right? What do you guys think about the boys who were cast? Do you hate the new additions to the cast as much as I do?


  1. I really like Josh Hutcherson! Yes, his physical appearance isn't 100% Peeta (though he does have a stocky build and is the right height), but it's ultimately the performance he gives that will determine whether he's the right actor for Peeta. And everything I've seen him in, he's had this kind of guarded, sweet vulnerability and humor that fits Peeta to a T. He's probably the best actor of any of the guys who were up for the role, so I'm really happy with his casting. Plus, he's a giant Hunger Games fan, and apparently fought really hard for the role because he loves the character so much. Anyway, I think if you give him a chance, he might surprise you!

  2. When characters are described in a book with certain physical characteristics, and then a movie is cast with actors that are the exact opposite of that, there's bound to be backlash. You can't tell me there wasn't one single available blond-haired, blue-eyed actor in all of Hollywood...

    I think the movie makers need to remember who they're making these films for: the fans of the books. If you piss them off before the film even gets made, you could have a flop on your hands.

  3. I haven't finished the book so I can't really say. I just wanted to tell you that my SIL reacts the same way

  4. I'm so with you. Wrong hair for both and the guy that's playing Peeta is alll wrong.

  5. I'll just be blunt and say I think the casting is horrible. Jennifer, I like. Theses two, however...

    My excitement for the movie is almost dead at this point.

    I realize I sound totally negative, and I don't mean to whine but I'm just extremely disappointed. Oh well.

  6. Hate them. Hate them. Hate them. Just, no. THEY MESSED UP PEETA! I'll still see the movie though.


    Eeeeeeew Gale

  7. No way, I completely agree with you! I had such high hopes for Peeta since he's my favorite character, but I'm just so incredibly disappointed now. I think Lionsgate really messed this one up.

    And I'm sick of people snapping back with "but forget about looks! He can act!" or "don't judge until you see them in the movie." No, I will judge. I've seen Josh in just about every movie he's been in and I can honestly say that I am NOT HIS FAN. I do not like him. And I'm not going to be excited or even accepting of an actor I don't like portraying a character I love. Just not happening.

    But you know, maybe he'll surprise us? I'd love for him to make a fool out of me. I was kind of skeptical about R.Pattz when he got the part of Edward, but now I'm a huge fangirl. But until the movie comes out and he possibly does Peeta justice, I will continue to sulk.

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  9. I've been trying to keep my opinions to myself, hoping I'd change my mind but I haven't. I think they're all kinds of wrong for these roles!! I just hope they prove me wrong, because I'm not excited for the movie anymore.

  10. I'm with you too... and honestly I feel like it would make more sense if Liam and Josh switched! Josh just does not look like the Peeta I imagined. Definitely not a baker's son!

  11. Oh my god I hate everyone theyve chosen so far. I hate the actress for Katniss especially. AND GALE HAS GREY EYES AND BLACK HAIR. I didnt even want them to make a movie cuz itll just ruin the books, exactly like twilight.

  12. I totally agree with you about the boys. They just aren't right. Maybe if they switched roles? No, maybe still not working. I think someone like John Goodman for Haymitch.

  13. We don't like this cast either...we think the whole movie is going to fail...
    Nina and Katy


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