Monday, October 1, 2012

Easy Review

I went into Easy with decent expectations due to some rave reviews of it and ended up very disappointed and feeling very, very confused by said reviews.

Easy's protagonist Jaqueline followed her high school boyfriend to college despite everyone telling her she can do better. Still, she goes, and a few weeks into school her boyfriend dumps him because he's quite a jerk who enjoys sleeping with random women. Then, after a college frat party, a guy she thought she knew attempts to rape her when out of nowhere a mysterious tattooed guy beats the crap out of him and saves the day. That guy is Lucas, who Jaqueline can't help but be drawn to afterwards so she can finally get over her ex. What better way to do that than with a fling starring a bad boy? Or is it just a fling? (I swear I'll get better at writing synopses.)

Sounds full of melodrama, right? Trust me, it is.

That's not to say that Easy didn't have some things going for it. The rape storyline was handled very well and I loved how the women came together--no matter their "clique" or whatever--to do what they all knew was right. It was definitely one of the better "girl power" stories I've read.

But really the contemporary genre is entirely character driven, and I simply did not click with any of the characters in Easy. Lucas is supposed to be all swoony or something, but to me he was just a guy that could punch things and do the nasty really well but had the sensitivity to own a cat too. And the main character Jaqueline was so so bland. They lacked the depth and authenticity I crave and as a result I found myself losing more and more interest in the story.

Oh and BY THE WAY, in my opinion this book should not be considered YA. I've heard it called New Adult but seen it categorized in YA, but really it should be adult because it was straight up PORNY. I was reading this on a plane and had to keep sitting awkwardly just to be certain the stranger sitting next to me wouldn't see anything embarrassing on my ereader.

In conclusion, Easy was just not for me. I continue to hear good things about it though, so if you're looking for a cheap contemporary with some sexytimes, then go for it, just don't go into it expecting greatness like I did.

Plot: Pretty cliched.
Characters: Not for me.
Writing: Eh. Not much was developed and it didn't flow as well as I like.
Ending: Predictable.
Mature content: LOTS. Most graphic sex scenes I've ever read, hands down. There was also lots of mentions of sexual harassment, as well as some drinking, and swearing.
I put this down pretty easily, and refused to tell anyone the name of it when they asked.
This book has hit the right chords with a lot of people, but sadly I was not one of them.

Easy is a self-published novel by Tammara Webber, that is available now on e-book and paperback.


  1. My blog partner recently read this and she had the same reaction that you did. At least, the fact that there had been rave reviews and the book just didn't do it for her. It's still sitting in my eReader and it's crazy when you hear one awesome review and another lukewarm. But now I have another lukewarm to contend with. Hm. Thanks for your honest review!

  2. Well, I'm not in love with the title, and it does sound a little cliched... might have to skip this one for now. It may be a library check out in the future. And wow to the sex content! lol, your comments had me laughing!

  3. It is funny/annoying when you read lots of rave reviews only to find it's nothing like you thought it would be :/ I bought this when I first read a couple of reviews but I haven't read it yet. I am not a fan of dramarama and wasn't aware of that aspect until now (thanks!) and this line "but had the sensitivity to own a cat too" made me giggle!!


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