Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 (Booky) Things I'm Thankful For

American Thanksgiving is coming up, which means a few things. The first being that I get to eat some wonderful food soon. The second being that I have to brainstorm things I am thankful for, which is kind of why I decided to participate in the theme this week.

John Green

No surprise here, but I am sosososo thankful for John Green because he is my favorite author and the messages I have taken from his books and GAH HE'S SO GREAT GUYS.


Shelfari was where I first met book-bloggers and discovered that that was even a thing. It also introduced me to new books, new music, and fun people. It was basically where I spent my life as a 12/13 year old newbie bookworm.

Carolrhoda Books

These people are publishing some great, innovative new YA books and I am very grateful for their vision.

The Strand

Believe the hype, guys. This bookstore is beyond amazing.

Grave Mercy

Are you guys sick of me talking about this amazing book yet? That might be too bad.

My Library

Free books are better than not-free books, if you ask me. And volunteering has only made me appreciate what librarians do more. So thank you to everyone that helps supply me with free books!


Though sometimes I curse its name when I snatch up too many galleys at once, it really is a great site and I love the path it's on.

Gayle Forman

Her sentences and characters and books in general are just, you know, some of the best ever.

Everyone That Will Put Up With Me Talking About Books All Day

So you know, my best friends, my mom, my siblings, my dad, my grandparents... Thanks for not slapping me!

Everyone That Follows My Blog

I don't think I need to specify on this one.


  1. Shelfari is what introduced me to the world of blogging too! Well, indirectly, but still. I spent too many hours on that site when I was younger XD

  2. Amen. Awesome list. I'm so grateful for my library (including One Click Digital and Overdrive) and Goodreads.

  3. Love Grave Mercy! One of the best fantasy novels I've read this year. :]

  4. Love this theme! I just read TFiOS and now I am a John Green fan too, that man can write!!


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