Sunday, November 18, 2012

Audrey, Wait! Review

I had heard a few good things about Audrey, Wait! before going into it, but guys I had no idea it would be THAT GOOD.

It is every music-obsessed girl's dream to have a song written about her, right? And another one to make out with the hot lead singer of a band you love backstage at their concert right? Well Audrey, Wait! totally crushed those dreams for me, but I absolutely did not mind.

The novel revolves around Audrey and her life as it spirals out of control when her ex writes a song about her. Remember when Hey There Delilah came out and you heard all about Delilah and you felt sorry for her? It's kind of like that, only from her point of view.

Audrey is probably the most hilarious protagonist I have come across since Damien from The Rise of Renegade X. She didn't have to be doing anything funny or even doing anything but thinking, and I was chuckling. And of course she had some fabulous people to compliment her humor like her parents (best YA parents I've encountered since TFioS, really), Victoria, Jonah, James, and even her hilariously obese cat. All of the characters are just plain HILARIOUS, through and through. Not unbelievably hilarious either: every character was full of such admirable, hard-to-come-across-these-days LIFE. I often felt like I could just have a conversation with each of them about what a jerk Evan was, how much I loved this band, etc.

The various hijinks  romance, and problems this wonderful cast has to go through only enhance the book that much more. By the end I felt like each of them had grown a little and I was sad to see it all end.

Oh, and the music? LOVE. I loved the band references sprinkled throughout the novel, the way Audrey described music and concerts, the way I could probably sing Audrey, Wait to myself without ever having actually hearing it. Benway pulled this off brilliantly.

Oh, oh, and both of the main couples in this book are probably some of the cutest couples I've ever read about. EVER.

So, um, yeah. *clears throat* In a nutshell I thought Audrey, Wait! was so, so much fun. It didn't make me think about problems in my own life or anything, but honestly I do not care. I enjoyed this story so much that there's no doubt in my mind I'll be re-reading this one.

Plot: So much fun.
Characters: AHSDFGFLK
Writing: Benway is an author who I will definitely be wanting more of. Her writing is totally absorbing, and she pulls of Audrey's voice wonderfully.
Mature content: Swearing, mentions of sex, drinking, and drugs.
SHUT. UP. I AM READING. Oh but wait before you go listen to this line it's hilarious.
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Audrey, Wait! is available now and has been for a while which means you can probably find it at your library and you definitely should. It was published by Razorbill and I bought it for like four bucks.

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