Thursday, July 2, 2009

Book News

OK, first of all, is anyone else having trouble getting to Lauren Barnholdt's website? I'm trying to enter her Catching Fire giveaway, but no matter what link, or where it comes from, I can't get to it. Is it just my slow Internet connection? It's making me really mad.

I also got another award! This one is from Meggin from Serendipity Book Reviews! Thanks Meggin!

I'm not sure what this award is exactly for, so I'll just give it to 5 of some of my favorite blogs (but not necessarily my top ones, and in no order). Sorry if you have it.

1. Bloody Bookaholic

2. GreenBeanTeenQueen


4. Library Lounge Lizard

5. Pop Culture Junkie

Thanks again to Meggin!

Oh, and if you won't mind a rare fan-girl moment (not about Rob Pattinson, mind you): I got City of Ashes! When my dad brought it home from the library, I sware I could've jumped up and down and screamed. Unfourtunatelty, I need to read other library books before their due date...great.

Alright, so that's it for my book news.


  1. U are sweet ^^ Thank you!

    I love Cassandra Clare's books. My favorite one is the last one!

    Read read, so you can get to it!

  2. I haven't read the MOrtal Instruments series, but I've heard they're awesome...

    Ugh, thank GOD your fan freak-out moment wasn't about RPatz... I get enough of that from my friend... she writes letters to him weekly and puts her phone number on it. Dead serious.


  3. You're welcome Taschima!

    Meggin: She writes letters to him? Lol, that's funny(hence the lol). I think he's hot and did an OK job as Edward, but I don't have any freak-out moments about him...or try and get him to call me. Lol.

  4. Yo, you've got an award at my blog:

  5. Certainly. So happens. We can communicate on this theme.


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