Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hunger Games Move News!

Guys, DID YOU SEE THIS? Not only did The Hunger Games move recently get a casting director, but they ALSO have a release date! March 23, 2012. Check out that article here. I'm not usually one to fangirl over book-to-movie adaptions, but with Suzanne Collins herself writing the screenplay, I can't help but be excited and set high expectations.What about you guys? Are you planning to see the movie or boycotting it?



  1. OMG one year! Whooot! I MUST see it.

  2. Oh I didnt know it was being turned into a movie! I better get my butt in gear and read this series! I know, shame on me I havent read them yet!! lol

  3. Megan, they are probably my FAVORITE books. Get your hands on them ASAP! You won't regret it!

  4. That's so long. Well, I can wait one year! Thanks for sharing

  5. Ah! I was so worried about this movie because I usually am not a big fan of book-to-movie adaptations but now that I know Suzanne is actually writing the screen play I am so excited! :)
    Thanks for the update!


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