Friday, January 14, 2011

Tour: Cover Interview with Trickster's Girl author, Hilari Bell

Today, I have author Hilari Bell. She'll be answering some questions regarding her the cover of her newest book, Trickster's Girl.

ARC cover
What was your initial reaction when you saw Trickster's Girl's cover?

My initial reaction was that it was very different, a bit dark, and edgier than my usual covers, but it grew on my very quickly for just those reasons. I was worried that it would fade in among all the other dark-colored covers on the shelf.

I've heard that authors have absolutely no say in their book's cover, so I'm assuming this was the case for Trickster's Girl's cover, correct?

Yes, it is--though my editors are frequently nice enough to send me cover sketches, and if there's ever something seriously wrong, I hope I could talk them into making a change.

Would you say it captures the book well?

I would--this book is a bit edgier and more contemporary than my medieval style fantasies, and the cover reflects that--and it's gorgeous!

Final cover
If you could change just one thing about your cover, what would it be?

Actually, the one thing that concerned me about the cover has been changed! The buyers at Barnes & Noble suggested changing the cover from black and mauve to black and white. But there are a lot of black and white covers out there too, so Houghton Mifflin's cover design people changed it to mauve and white--and now it really pops, and it's stunningly gorgeous. I'm delighted with it

Thanks Hilari! I appreciate it.

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  1. Interesting facts about the cover. I've just started reading this. I'm looking foward to finish it.


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