Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mini Challenge--The Island

A Casual Reader is having a contest where you post what characters (from books you read in 2010/2011) that you would take to an island with you, and why. For the complete list of rules, check out her blog post.

Let's see...*cracks knuckles*

OK, well, as much as I love my depressed characters who have a super-sucky life, I'd need some good, fun friends to keep things interesting (sorry Katniss and Peeta and Adam and Gaia and like 20 other characters). And, OK, maybe a hot guy or two... I'd pick:

Sophie--Hex Hall: She's hilarious, and she'd keep things interesting fo sho. Plus, she's got her epic powers, and that'd be very useful for getting me only-legal-for-minors-to-drink-on-my-personal-island drinks.

Puck--The Iron Fey: How much do I have to say?! It's Puck! I love Puck! And he'd play pranks on everyone, which would be a riot.

Aura--Shade: Well I'd need a fellow music-fangirl to geek out on music with. And Aura's perfect for that. Plus she'd be able to tell me all about the ghosts on the island and stuff.

Sam--The Wolves of Mercy Falls series: I'd also need someone to sing to me. And brush my hair. And let me look at him all day. And...*clears throat* Sorry.

Damien--The Rise of Renegade X: NOT ONLY is Damien laugh-out-loud funnyx1000, he's also got epic super-people skillz.

Well that was fun. What characters would you pick?


  1. Great list! I must say I don't many of your characters though I do know Sam and Puck and I agree it would be awesome to see the pranks Puck would pull on everyone. And Sam...I'd love him to read to me all day... ahh swoon!!

    Thanks for participating!!

  2. I'd love to have every single one of these characters with me! We only actually had one of the same but I'd invite a lot more characters if I actually had this super cool backyard.

    I ended up picking...
    Jem (Infernal Devices)
    Adam (If I Stay)
    Evie (Paranormalcy)
    Ash, Puck and Grim (Iron Fey)
    Alan (The Demon's ...)

  3. Awesome list! I'd have to choose...Percy Jackson (PJ series), Hermione (HP), Evie (Paranormalcy), Ryan (Raw Blue) and Magnus Bane (TMI series) :D


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