Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tour: Winners+Character Interview with Joseph, from the Timeless Series

Firstly, my apologies to Teen Book Scene and Laura. I really thought I'd posted this earlier! But anyways, here's a character interview with Joeseph from the Timeless Series. (And stay tuned for the winner of my giveaway...)

Hey Joseph! What've you been up to lately?
Now that you mention it—right now I am currently in this war with the Angels. So my life has been pretty hectic. Plus, there is this new woman in my life. We’re keeping it on the down low until Laura releases Abyss. She’s bossy that way.

What are some of your hobbies?
I play basketball with my FBI buddies in my spare time (which I seem to be lacking of here lately), and I also enjoy swimming. I went to school in FL on a scholarship for swimming, but my true passion has been crime fighting. It was just happenstance that I got tangled with the Paranormal Investigations department. I also enjoy cooking—that’s definitely a passion of mine.

I'm a music junkie, so I have to ask everyone: What's your favorite band/artist/group?
I’m in love with the sixties and seventies. The Rolling Stones, Doors, and The Beatles are by far my all time favorite bands. Rock & Roll baby!

Love The Beatles! Then again, I think it's some kind of law that everyone love The Beatles. Describe yourself in one sentence.
Biggest badass at the FBI. Was that too cocky? Ah, oh well.

Thanks Laura! The winner of Shadow of the Sun and Soul Stalker is:


Congrats! I'll be emailing you sometime today (but if I don't, feel free to email me). Thanks to everyone that entered, and don't forget that my Epic Extravaganza giveaways are still open!

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