Monday, May 2, 2011

Shift Review

Author: Jeri Smith Ready
Release Date: May 3, 2011
Pages: 380 (E-ARC)
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Most Appropriate For Ages: 14+
Where I Got It: For review from Galley Grab
Other titles in series: Shade
Aura’s life is anything but easy. Her boyfriend, Logan, died, and his slides between ghost and shade have left her reeling. Aura knows he needs her now more than ever. She loves Logan, but she can’t deny her connection with the totally supportive, totally gorgeous Zachary. And she’s not sure that she wants to.

Logan and Zachary will fight to be the one by her side, but Aura needs them both to uncover the mystery of her past—the mystery of the Shift.
As Aura’s search uncovers new truths, she must decide whom to trust with her secrets…and her heart. 
Shade was one of my favorites of 2010, so it's fair to say that I'd set high expectations for Shift. Expectations that were completely and totally met.

Grief is a huge theme in Shift. Even though Aura can still see Logan and talk to him, he's still gone. Aura's in that place in the cycle of grief that's somewhere between still mourning and moving on. She's confused, but her feelings for Zachary? They're growing. Her emotions are so strong and real it's crazy, and it makes her seem that much more real.

And...well...OK so I can't really say much else without spoiling the book for you. This series continues to be refreshingly original in the midst of a major Unoriginal Paranormal Novels Crisis, and is one of my favorite series. Jeri Smith Ready's world-building is phenomenal, her characters are lovable and realistic, and her twists will completely SHOCK YOU. I didn't Shift's twist coming at all, and was definitely wearing my 0.o and :O faces. This book was sexy, unexpected, and just plain awesome.

Book Report:
Plot: Brilliant and original.
Characters: LOVE THEM. And I want my own Zachary. Anyone wanna make that happen for me?
Writing: Very good.
Ending: Wonderful. But still ready for more.
Kid friendly? Eeeh, well, there's some hot make-out scenes, as well as teen drinking and mentions of sex.
Should I read it? Read Shade first, of course. But for definite. This is a great series!

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