Saturday, August 29, 2009

My YA Debut!

No, not really. Not yet, although I am writing a YA book-but that's not what this post is about. I finally made my cover:
Here's how to make your own:

1 – Go to “Fake Name Generator” or click

The name that appears is your author name.

2 – Go to “Random Word Generator” or click

The word listed under “Random Verb” is your title.

3 – Go to “FlickrCC” or click

Type your title into the search box. The first photo that contains a person is your cover.

4 – Use Photoshop, Picnik, or similar to put it all together. Be sure to crop and/or zoom in. (I highly recommend Picnik, one of my new favorite sites. Photoshop and I are kinda mortal enemies, so you get the idea.)

5 – Post it to your site along with this text.


  1. Very nice! I like this -- it looks like it could be a real cover. Your photo really suits the word. She looks longing...

  2. Cool cover. I would totally read it.

  3. Wow very nice cover. I would buy it : D Also, I gave you an award at my blog here:!

  4. Thanks guys! Especially to Addicted Book Reader. I love Picnik....

  5. It defiantly looks like a published book!! Good job. Too bad it's not because then when you made millions of dollars I'd claim I was your long lost cousin and demand 1 million dollars :P


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