Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chopsticks Review

Chopsticks is a novel made up of pictures, not words. I was drawn to it because of this but for me it ended up being it's downfall.

The novel focuses on Glory, a piano prodigy, and Frank, an artistic and rebellious boy. They quickly form a strong relationship, and soon after that Glory's career takes off and she goes on a world tour. Soon, she begins to crumble--both as a person and as a musician.

Not a lot about this book made sense to me, so please forgive the lame synopsis. Seriously, though, I felt lost for at least half of the novel. If I'd enjoyed it any more then maybe I'd go back to re-read it, but I don't think I will.

 I feel like this book was a really interesting concept but had a really rocky execution. The rise and fall of relationships and events got lost somewhere in the pages of photos and IM conversations, and for me those kinds of elements of novels is the while reason I read.

Some of the pictures are visually stunning, and I think it's a neat idea that could definitely be improved on, but overall this was not the book for me.

Plot: N/A
Characters: N/A
Writing: N/A 
Ending: WTF even happened?
Content: Um...I think there was sex, because there was one pencil sketch that had boobies.
I read this book in like an hour a half, so there's that, but it wasn't the innovative storytelling I was hoping for.

Chopsticks was published by Razorbill early this year and is available now. I purchased my own copy (for a frigging steal I might add, luckily).


  1. LOL Your content note cracked me up. Awesome review.

  2. I apparently wasn't the only one that was laughing at the boobies you mentioned. Love the review!


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