Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top Ten Halloweeny Books

I freaking LOVE Halloween, because:

1. Costumes!
2. Attempting to scare children in said costume and then feeling guilty when you do!
3. Peeps! (Meaning companions.)
4. Horror movies and horror books!
5. PEEPS! (Meaning the candy.)
6. Sweet decorations!
7. Haunted houses!

So, naturally, I have put together an excellent list of Halloweeny (YES IT'S A WORD) books to get you as excited for this glorious event as I am.

Anna Dressed In Blood
This book has gore, a cool cast of characters, AND it plays on the classic ghost story in a way I can't help but love.

I Hunt Killers
Jazz's memories of his serial killer father can be legit creeptastic, and Jazz's inner struggle to be less like him is so captivating in the strangest way.

This one's just plain SCARY. Like SWEET KEVIN BACON these people are cray.

The Devouring
I don't remember loving this one very much because the characters were flat, but I also remember thinking that the concept was really cool.

The Near Witch
This book reads like a fairy tale your parents read you when you're very young on a cold winter day that captures your interest, imagination, and makes you just a little bit scared.

Grave Mercy
There's nothing in this book that's going to keep you awake at night BUT it has killing and it's really really good and I demand you read it.

I love the world Smith-Ready creates with this series and I think this was the best book in it.

Cryer's Cross
This book is SO deliciously maniacal. Seriously, if you want a story of loss, making out, and mysterious supernatural killings...do this.

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer
I LOVE THIS BOOK. There's nothing scary about it in the slightest, but it has werewolves, dead things, more dead things, and fantastic humor.

The Body Finder
Dead bodies and hot make out scenes! What whaaatttt.


  1. What whaaattt You're so cute. Awesome list. I completely agree on Anna and was pleasantly surprised to see Grave Mercy on the list. :)

  2. I haven't read any of these, but a couple I included on my list, and most of the rest are on my tbr pile. Awesome list!

    My Top Ten

  3. Love Grave Mercy! And Shade, and The Body Finder, and The Near Witch. Truly an awesome list of books. :D

  4. LOL love the Elmo dance thingy!! Cool list, I really want to read I Hunt Killers soon!!

    Here's My TTT :)

  5. I haven't read any of these but I am a bit of a scaredy cat!


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