Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kat, Incorrigible Review

Author: Stephanie Burgis
Release Date: April 5, 2011
Pages: 262 (ARC)
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Most Appropriate For Ages: 9+
Where I Got It: For review from Galley Grab
Challenges: Debut Author 2011 Challenge

Katherine Ann Stephenson has just discovered that she's inherited her mother's magical talents, and despite Stepmama's stern objections, she's determined to learn how to use them. But with her eldest sister Elissa's intended fiancÉ, the sinister Sir Neville, showing a dangerous interest in Kat's magical potential; her other sister, Angeline, wreaking romantic havoc with her own witchcraft; and a highwayman lurking in the forest, even Kat's reckless heroism will be tested to the upmost. If she can learn to control her new powers, will Kat be able to rescue her family and win her sisters their true love? 
Kat, Incorrigible--or A Most Improper Magick as it's known in the UK--is mysterious, humorous, and always a good time.

Kat is the kind of brave heroine that every girl dreams of being. She pretty much made the book. She's adventurous, brave, clever, funny, and just plain awesome. She's exactly the kind of protagonist middle grade readers need to be exposed to.

Actually, each of the characters were really well-written. From her sisters to their love interests and even their stepmother. While none of them are layered and complicated, we know them very well by the end of the book and begin to feel like they're our family as well as Kat's. (Also--and maybe this is just cause I've been watching tons of Buffy lately but--Mr Gregson reminded me a lot of Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So, naturally, I liked his character a lot.) The characters we didn't really see are Charles, Kat's oldest and only brother, and her father. Hopefully we'll see more of them in the sequel.

The plot wonderfully combined magic, humor, mystery, and family values. While I wasn't quite glued to the pages until the end, the plot did keep me engaged well enough. This makes me think that this isn't quite the perfect book for reluctant middle grade readers, but avid readers will enjoy it a lot.

I don't usually love middle grade books, but I found Kat, Incorrigible to be really cute and charming. I think anyone from age 9 to 90 will find something about it to find entertainment in, cause I sure did.

Book Report:
Plot: Well-paced and fun.
Characters: Kat is a wonderful main character, and the side characters are a blast.
Writing: Very good.
Ending: Wrapped everything up well, but I'm thinking there'll be a sequel--yay!
Kid friendly? Very.
Should I read it? Yes, especially if you're a fan of middle grade, magic, and Jane Austen-type books.

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  1. Thanks for a great review. I'll have to add this to my TBR list. It sounds like a fun story.


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